Ultra Fence Man: My journey into the world of Ultra aluminum fence.

Hello I am the owner of Fence City. This is a short story of how I got into the Fence business and why I only sell Ultra Aluminum Fence and UltraMax Aluminum Railing,

 It has been more than 18 years that Fence City has exclusively sold Ultra Aluminum Fence and UltraMax Railing.

When I first started with Ultra my friends and colleagues said well you are now the "Ultra Fence Man".

This got me thinking about my journey into the Fence business and I thought I would write about it. I am fortunate to be the son of a hard-working, Wharton business school graduate that has always been successful in the Fence industry. I was also privileged to have a great Business partner who is a huge reason why Fence City has always been a successful fence company.. Since then sadly he has passed but I think of him often.

If you are as old as me, you also remember when we used to dig all the holes on our fence jobs by hand. Someone just said to me "even the most successful people in the fence Industry are but one job away from digging holes again.” This is why we continue to stay humble and hands on with all of the products and our customer service.

Certainly makes you think of where we came from and how hard we worked to get here.

I have been in the Fence business for over 45 years, and even I find that to be amazing. I started right out of high school, at the age of 18, worked for my father and business partner.

Hard to believe that I am still selling decorative aluminum fencing and specializing in Ultra Aluminum Fence and Ultramax Railing. I remember the first installation my father dropped me and another man (Bill M.) off at. It was a farm that he had sold thousands of feet of post and rail fencing for their pastures. My Father handed each of us a pair of perfection 8 inch hand diggers and a steel digging bar and said go at it, I'll be back to pick you guys up at the end of the day and drove off. He had marked out maybe a hundred holes the day before for us to dig by hand. In those days nobody thought anything of digging 100 holes by hand. These days we have all types of specialized augurs and equipment to do the jobs. Not that it makes the job that much easier but it's certainly better than digging a hole by hand.

Now as I remember that day, it was the hottest day in the history of mankind. The dirt was so dry that solid rock would've been easier to dig through. We had no provisions. We didn't have water or lunch. I guess we were supposed to drink out of the Horse troughs?

So on that day, my first day, I did what any 18-year-old young man would've done, I QUIT! I walked a few miles to a buddies house who had a swimming pool.

All the years since then have their own story, but this story is really about why I exclusively sell Ultra Aluminum Fence and Ultramax Railing.

Over the years I have seen aluminum fence manufacturers come and I've seen Aluminum fence manufactures go. At that time we were the largest buyer of aluminum ornamental fence panels and gates from a company that was located in New Jersey and they went out of business. Purchased by a Chinese company who closed them down. Probably so they could sell their unnamed product to other aluminum fence manufacturers that we will not name.

Now, I was on a mission to find the best manufacturer that manufactures in the United States that could supply our needs.

I traveled to every large aluminum fence manufacturer in the country. The most impressive company was and still is Ultra Aluminum Fence.

You don't have to believe me I'll give you the facts,

Compare the “Ultra rail” (these are your horizontal rails that hold the pickets on your fence) to other manufacturers, Ultra has 20% more aluminum in the rails. If you look inside they have a full eight rib structure which gives it strength and stability compared to other manufacturers. You can look at an aluminum fence panel and they will look identical but it's what you can't see or don't know that makes a huge amount of difference.

Ultra uses high strength Ultrum Alloy Aluminum, made in the USA.

Ultra Aluminum Fence Panels can be as strong as steel, but will never rust. Ultrum is a 6005–T5 alloy with a minimum ultimate strength of 33,000 psi.

When your fence arrives it is factory assembled with stainless steel fasteners painted to match. Using high-quality stainless steel fasteners is for structural integrity and strength that you can count on.

Ultra Aluminum uses a power coat finish for its panels, gates, post and designer accessories. When applied, powder coat is twice the thickness and the hardness of a typical acrylic, baked enamel, or wet paint finish, making it more durable, fade resistant, and scratch resistant then the coatings that all of the other manufacturers use.

Ultra Aluminum fence panels and the Ultramax railing system will withstand the elements no matter where you live for decades. The Ultra aluminum fence panels are perfect for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Uses include property security, decorative accents, Swimming pools, dog containment, fencing in your yard for your children's well-being, as well as entrance gates and curb appeal.

Ultra Aluminum manufactures residential, commercial and industrial gates. They also build custom ornamental entrance gates.

Ultra's gates are built better than any manufacturers I've ever seen in all of my years. When they build a gate the rails actually go through the uprights and are screwed from both sides and welded to the uprights. Then each picket is welded to the rail so the gate will not sag. I can't stress enough my thoughts on aluminum gates. Ultra builds the best gates in the industry. Bar none.

Now with all this being said. I could sell any aluminum fence or railing from any manufacture. Every day someone comes into our facility and tries to get me to buy their aluminum fence. I'm not interested because I know I have the best product on the market. When I sell an Ultra Aluminum fence to a customer there's never a problem with the fence. There's never a problem with its strength or with its paint. The Posts are punched perfectly to accept the rails on your fence panels. Each order is built individually for your project. Generally from the time you order your fence until when it arrives at your home or our facility is approximately four weeks. Every order is built so that every part is made and manufactured for that particular fence job. Ultra Aluminum fence might not be the least expensive fence on the market but at the end of the day I don’t need the aggravation of selling an inferior product to you, my customer, just to find out that you are disappointed in what you purchased.

In my opinion Ultra has surpassed all others without question. Ultra is manufacturing the finest aluminum ornamental fence nationwide. What is equally impressive is Ultra Aluminum Fence is manufactured and built in United States of America with American workers. That fact alone should get your attention. I wish everyone could see Ultra’s state of the art factory. I wish you could see how they box and ship your product so that it arrives pristine. Your sections, posts and gates are all boxed individually, so they can be transported/shipped to your home or my facility without any damage. Ultra strives for perfection.

If you have any questions please call us. We are real people that have been in fence industry for generations. We would be happy to look at your drawing, discuss your project and or help you pick the correct amount of sections and post that you might need for your job. What is the best fence for your swimming pool? What is a rackable section? How do you handle a 45° angle? You can ask us anything you need to know about the specifications of an Ultra Aluminum fence or an UltraMax railing system.. We can give you insight and ideas that would allow you to have an easy installation. You can contact us at 215-362-8200 or email us at info@fencecity.com. We look forward to providing you with the best fence buying experience with an Ultra Aluminum Fence that will meets your fencing needs for years and years.

Very best regards.

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